Our Programs
Ubuntu Dialogue is a facilitation process that identifies and captures cultural issues and concerns that are then used to generate grounded, open and honest discussions. We occasionally utilize the capacity of film for:

I. Cultural Issue Focusing and Analysis

  • Appraising conflicts for options
  • Gaining the participation of crucial participants.
  • Designing a strategy.
  • Establishing protocol and creating working arrangements on the concerns to be tackled.

    II. Knowledge Exchange and Discussion

  • Organizing productive and respectful exchanges of knowledge.
  • Assisting the participants to understand the positions and core interests of all stakeholders.
  • Facilitating the participants discover, clarify, or create the maximum benefits.

    III. Transformation Seeking and Harmony Building

  • Assisting the participants create knowledgeable solutions.
  • Designing agreements and helping participants initiate execution of their solutions.

    Our programming committee screens numerous films to create a program that represents a range of countries and issues. Once a film is nominated for a place in the program, advisers also view the work to confirm its accuracy in the portrayal of the people. We do not bar any films on the basis of a particular point of view.

  • Ubuntu Village 2 Village presents both existing and original works that portray different aspects of different social justice issues.We present works by film makers and any other creative artists in order to address social issues in diverse communities.

  • The Ubuntu Resource Directory . We research different organizations or individuals to identify those that can assist communities in need. We hope to be able to connect as many different people to resources that can assist them overcome their current challenges.

  • Celebrating our Humanity
    Ubuntu Harmonious Center
    "Ubuntu, Ngumuntu, Ngabantu- I am because we are"