Ubuntu Village Dialogue

Ongoing. By invitation only.

Ubuntu Visual Dialogue is a facilitation process that identifies and captures issues and concerns using films to generate grounded, open and honest discussion. This is a way of understanding the deeper problems and issues facing any community. This process can reveal sensitive issues and tensions that are normally difficult to discuss. Expressing concerns using visual aids offers a safe way to broach these subjects.

This method often stimulates very meaningful and constructive dialogue, enabling people to speak of the concerns they are struggling with, and in naming the difficult issues they are faced with, they can start to address them. The dialogues that really stimulate peace and happiness begin when people are provided a safe space and they can get specific about how they feel about a current issue of concern and share what is really going on for them. This works best when people talk honestly about their own experience in their own words. Location and dates are communicated directly to participants and guests.

Ubuntu Cultural Mediation

Email for appointment

We provide cultural mediation mainly between African immigrant cultures and American service providers. Cultures can sometimes clash and need negotiating to avert or transform conflict. We mediate services such as medical, educational, employment or any other service provided.

Ubuntu Book Safari


This book safari will focus mainly on books written by African authors. On these safaris, you get to discover many African people and places. Keep checking for details of our trips that will include specific locations, costs, and dates.

Ubuntu Love Safaris


These trips are to near and far destinations. The purpose is reflection, relaxation, re-connection and rejuvenation. People from diverse backgrounds will be invited to participate and participants must be open to embracing different cultures and learning new ways of doing things. We must embrace differences while creating unique peace. Specific locations and dates to be communicated to participants.

Celebrating our Humanity
Ubuntu Harmonious Center
"Ubuntu, Ngumuntu, Ngabantu- I am because we are"